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To vacillating and love cranky friends:

1. Never make decisions when weeping, the less you speak the better when in a bad mood.

2. Don't reconsider a question; don't spent all your emotins on just one person, you still have parents and oter friends.

3. Don't be afraid of doing wrong, even if it is wrong, don't be annoyed, as life is full of right and wrong; plus, many things are nothing about right and wrong when you are looking back.

4. Sometimes you feel negative, it is normal, but you should understand this is just part of life, and make your mood more positive in the rest of time.

5. Someone didn't contact you suddenly then, that's normal; now he keeps in touch with you, that's normal, too. This doesn't mean anything.

6. If you don't understand, just say it out; if you do understand, be silent, just smile.

7. All anxieties are created by yourself, thus can be solved on your own.

8. Do what you said, even if they look stupid, it's better than fail to keep faith.

9. Never be afraid of doing one thing; once you have done it, you'll get something.

10. No matter right or wrong, you need norms.

11. Don't bring out all your inmost thoughts, even toword your best friends.

12. Being silent contains infinite meanings.